WagnerSet2'Our December drawing is only for a single AUDIOPHILE AUDITION reader who registers this month using our simple form.  That’s because it is the massive 32 SACDs plus a DVD boxed set of ten of the top Wagner operas, including the Ring Cycle, with some of today’s best interpreters of Wagner and the Rundfunk Symphony and Chorus of Berlin conducted by Marek Janowski on PENTATONE. Never before had a record label recorded Wagner’s operas with the same orchestra, choir, conductor and producer; plus it’s the first time in SACD multichannel surround sound. Put “Wagner Janowski” in our site search to see our reviews of seven of these operas. (Those who fail to completely fill out the simple form will be ineligible.) The winner of the set will be listed on our Editorial Page next month, where this month you’ll find more details on this drawing.
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Donald Byrd – Black Byrd – Blue Note (vinyl)

MOZART: Piano Concertos No. 12 in A & No. 23 in A – Marianna Shrinyan, p./ Odense Sym. Orch./ Scott Yoo – Bridge
Kenny Clarke 1948-50 – Classics Records
MAHLER: Symphony No. 9, Chailly cond., Blu-ray – Accentus (2014) 
The Legal Matters – The Legal Matters [TrackList follows] –Futureman/ Blunk Street Music
FiiO X1 Portable High Resolution Lossless Player</br> SRP $100.00
R. STRAUSS: Metamorphosen for 23 Solo Strings; Sinfonia Domestica – French National Radio Orch./ BBC Sym. Orch./ Jascha Horenstein – Pristine Audio
Leonard Cohen: Live in Dublin, (TrackList follows) – Sony Legacy (3 CDs + 1 Blu-ray)
16 Christmas CDs & SACDs Reviewed – 2014

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