PolliniSetCoverOur drawing for May is the just-released DGG complete set of all the Beethoven Piano Sonatas performed by Maurizio Pollini on 8 CDs.  His playing has a heft and muscularity that complement the works perfectly. (The average customer reviews at Amazon for this $32 set were 5 out of 5 stars.) Here is our review of the boxed set.  Three AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers who register this month using our simple form will receive the albums.  [Please fill it out entirely.] Go to our current Editorial Page for details on this drawing and (soon) the winner of last month’s drawing.

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Stan Getz — Captain Marvel – Columbia /Pure Pleasure – vinyl

Preludes [TrackList follows] – John Roney, solo piano (live at the historic chapel Bon Pasteur) – Effendi
Steve Coleman and the Council of Balance – Synovial Joints [TrackList follows] – Pi Recordings
Sharon Isbin: Troubadour, Blu-ray (2015)
Simon Frick, solo violin and effects – Simon Frick Solo [TrackList follows] – Boomslang
Sony 64GB Hi-Res Walkman Portable Music Player NWZ-A17SLV</br>
$300 [$298 at Amazon]</br>
Sony MDR 1R Premium Headphones</br>
ARENSKY: Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky; TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade in C Major for Strings; SHOSTAKOVICH: Chamber Symphony – New Moscow Ch. Orch./ Igor Shukow – Telos
Ramon Valle – Take Off – In & Out Records – CD + DVD
16 Christmas CDs & SACDs Reviewed – 2014

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