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2005 News
 APR 27  - Dolby Pro Logic II for Digital Radio; Boston Acoustics Digital Radio; DTV Transition Ups & Downs
 APR 20  - Higher Incomers Buy More Home Electronics; Record Company Beefs With Apple; Beefing Up the "Betamax" Decision; Music Servers Make Inroads in Home Audio
 APR 13  - Satellite Radio Has 5 Million Subscribers; Pro Mastering Software Includes DSD; Yamaha Introduces 7.1 Receiver with HD Radio & HDMI
 APR 6  - Changes in How Consumers Access Media; Kenwood and TDK Cutbacks; Oregon Ruling Silences Music Festivals
 MAR 30  - Pioneer Closing Plants; New Digital Home Music Player with HD & PDA Control; Frustration with Classical Downloads;Consumer Acceptance of HDTV
 MAR 23  - Top Directors Serious About 3D; Digital Electronics Sales Sagging; FCC Decision on Cable Boxes Disappoints CEA; Singer-pianist Bobby Short Dies
 MAR 16  - CEA Supports Hard Deadline for Analog TV; Video Phone Redux; Surround Sound Cell Phones; Two Beleaguered Audio Companies in News Again
 MAR 9  - Surround Sound - the Future?; DVD Pricing in China; New PC AV Decoder Chip; Swedish Radio Surround Sound
 MAR 2  - iPod Uber Alles; Distinguished Rings; Universal Disc Players Abound; NYC Location for HE2005 Show
 FEB 23  - New Lossless Coding Competition; Two More Print Audio Publications Go Web; Personalities in Jazz & Classical Sign Off
 FEB 16  - Grammy Winners Worth Noting; New DVD Copy Protection; Code-Free DVD Players
 FEB 9  - A Universal Copy-Protection System?; Threat to Rights/Privacy from New Technology; Sonos Digital Music System Now Shipping
 FEB 2  - Dorian Bankruptcy Remains Unclear; Denon Receives Approval for Hi-Res Digital Interface; Digitally Imported Radio Adds aacPlus; Krell Heightens the High End
 JAN 26  - Concord Records Buys Fantasy Records; DISH Systems Buys VOOM
 JAN 19  - Chesky SACD News; Robbery of CES Exhibitor; Open Reel Tape Sorely Missed; Dorian Records Files for Chapter 11
 JAN 12  - Last U.S. Analog Tape Manufacturer Closes; Hot Video Introductions at CES; HP Enters Home Entertainment Market
 JAN 5  - Celebrity Guests Mingle at CES; Monster Fiercely Defends Its Name; Dolby Laboratories at CES; Home Electronics Were Hot This Holiday Season


2004 News
DEC 29 - Dolby Headphone on New DualDiscs; DTS Unveils DTS-HD; Audio Emphasis at 2005 CES; Carver Digital Line Launched
DEC 22 - HDTV Now a "Must Have;" Sony Says Profits Don't Come Easily; Another Jazz Artist Debuts His Own Label
DEC 15 - Frederick Fennell Passes; Battery Breakthrough?; Program to Improve RBDS; Telarc Receives 14 Grammy Nominations
DEC 8 - U.S. Senate Reauthorizes Satellite Home Viewer Act; Fast-Forward Felons?; More DualDisc Advisory Notices; ECM Records Records Nine Grammy Nominations
NOV 24 - TiVo Commercials Replace Commercials; Sales Figures Show Huge Consumer Appetite for DTV; Double-Res DLP?; Neither Stylus Nor Laser Required for Groove Playback
NOV 17 - Legal Action Against Movie Downloading; Silverline Records Releases 45 DualDiscs; Philips Launches Plug-In for SACD Creation
NOV 10 - DualDisc Hassles; FCC Petitioned to Advance 100% Digital Tuner Implementation; Edison Cylinders for the 21st Century
NOV 3 - HE 2004 in San Francisco Cancelled; Music Sales Up Over 10%; DVD-Audio Bestsellers; Warner Releases First DualDiscs
OCT 27 - Electronic Items at Top of Xmas Lists; Dolby Headphone Integrated with DualDisc; Denon Drops Hi-Res in Entry-Level Players; First Full-Length Feature Film on the Net
OCT 20 - Monster Cable Buys Name of 49ers Stadium; DualDisc On Its Way; Universal SACD Activity
OCT 13 - Threat to Earlier HDTV Owners Not Passed; Online Tool for AV Connections; Telarc Awarded Label of the Year; Edison's First Sound Film at AES Convention
OCT 6 - Dolby & DTS Both Are Chosen for Hi-Def DVDs; MPEG-4 aacPlus Selected for Mobile and Multimedia; Meitner SACD Products Expand Offerings
SEP 29 - HDTV Sales Rise 10%; Record Labels Clean Up Online; Wireless Audio Cables; AES Convention in SF Next Month
SEP 22 - $130K Model NOT Most Expensive Speaker; Tara Labs Raided; New Dutch AV Magazine; New CD Copy Protection System
SEP 15 - CEA Calls for Education About DTV; DirecTV To Launch Four Satellites for HDTV; Sony Employs TV Guide On Screen; UltimateTV Replaces WebTV
SEP 8 - Surround Music Awards; Hot Consumer Electronics Growth; Most Elaborate and Expensive Loudspeaker Yet; First Nimbus DVD-As Released in UK
SEP 1 - 50 Silverline DualDiscs Scheduled; Naxos Opens NYC Office; Blockbuster Goes Online; Surround Sound Broadcast on Internet
AUG 25 - Ted Turner Decries FCC Deregulation; Satellite Radio Comes Home; More New SACD Releases
AUG 18 - OTA-Only TV Viewers; Many New SACD Releases; DualDisc Snags?; Audio Show in Denver
AUG 11 - Circle Surround Selected for HD Radio; Three-Channel SACDs Coming; RealNetworks/Apple Altercation; New Pop SACDs Coming
AUG 4 - CES Efforts on Behalf of Digital TV; DTV Penetration to Date; UK Survey Shows "Sound Quality" a Priority; First Universal Disc Changer
JUL 28 - DVD Achieves Majority, VHS on Way Out; DualDisc Approved; High-Efficiency AAC Codec for DVD-Audio
JUL 21 - Sony and BMG Merger Facing Probe; New Surround Technology; 2005 CES Preview
JUL 14 - Another Type of CD Rot; FCC Threatens Freedom of Expression
JUL 7 - DVD Subscription Services Growing; Naxos Music Library Adds Labels; Krell Fights Unauthorized Resellers
JUN 30 - DTVs Up, VCRs Down in CEA Sales Report; Activists Rally Against FCC Rulings; New Dolby Digital Chips for PCs; TruSurround Chosen for Consumer Virtual Surround
JUN 23 - Universal Releases 11 SACDs; Telarc Awards; Miles Davis Tribute SACD Set; Colorized Movies Are Back; Silent Films Weren't So Slow
JUN 16 - Real Networks Movie Download Service; Cable Boxes Not Entirely Digital; Dolby Announces Dolby Digital Plus; DualDisc Hybrid is Approved
JUN 9 - Pulitzer Prizes in Music Expanded; See Carmen in the Piazza and Bullring; Jazz Awards Celebrate Excellence in Muscianship and Journalism; Bill Protecting Consumer Rights to Recording Devices
MAY 26 - TAG McLaren Sold; Hi-Def DVD War Rumbles; SACD Progress Reported
MAY 19 - Satellite vs. Terrestrial Radio; Entertainment Devices Convergence Glitches
MAY 12 - Cable TV Programming Costs Reduced; Only 8000 Subscribers to Cablevision's VOOM; Expenses for Cable Companies to Switch to DTV; Analog Camcorder and Still Camera Markets Shrink
MAY 5 - DTV Takes Off; High Note SACDs at $9.98; Our Most Sophisticated Audio Equipment: Our Ears
APR 28 - New Theremin Revealed; Surround Sound in the Sky and On The Air; RIAA Announces Increased DVD-Audio Sales; Jazz at Lincoln Center's New Home
APR 21 - Dolby Pro Logic II Uber Alles; Microsoft in Settling Mood; Set-Top Box vs. PC for Home Interactive TV
APR 14 - FireWire/iLink Guidelines Published; Dolby Offers 5.1 Sound for Home Video; Audio Facts for the Future at AES Convention; Italy's Fone SACD Label Comes to U.S.
APR 7 - DVD-A Compatibility Problems with Universal Player; DVD-RAM Usage Increases; DTS Develops Lossless Audio Process; Classical Music News
MAR 31 - Best Buy a Best Buy?; Americans' Multi-tasking Video Viewing; Hi-Fi Codec from Qualcomm
MAR 24 - Sony Cuts Jobs & Prices; Blind Test of Sound Quality With Video; Convergence in Home Electronics
MAR 17 - Home Theater Growth; Home Theater Happenings; Videotape & Optical Disc Recorders
MAR 10 - TV Computers Revived Again; Opera News Retracts Telarc Comment; Barenboim Hints He Might Resign; Sopranos Guilty of Mush
MAR 3 - New SACD Releases; Hi-Def Home Software Suite Introduced; Wi-Fi Uber Alles
FEB 25 - Cryogenics for Instruments Now?; Met Opera Loses Chevron/Texaco Sponsorship; Warner Music Sold; Latest in the "Broadcast Flag" Controversy
FEB 18 - Sirius/DISH/Shack Satellite Alliance; Second Annual Surround Music Awards; Above-35K Audio Processor Introduced
FEB 11 - Naxos Music Library Launched; Two New Digital Audio Technologies; DVD/CD Combo Discs in Test Markets
FEB 4 - Pay Music-Downloading Scams; Advertising CDs Next?; Computer Industry Advances Hi-Res Audio
JAN 28 - DVD-A Promotion at CES; Dolby Points to Four CE Market Trends; Recording Engineer Kenneth Wilkinson Dies
JAN 21 - Naxos to Release Multichannel SACDs; Vanguard and Omega Titles Scheduled for DVD-A; Mobile Fidelity Introduces Gold Ultradisc CD-R Blanks; Another New SACD Label
JAN 14 - Satellite Radio Surround Sound; Universal Classics Now on Apple iTunes; Corporations Hopping Aboard iPod Popularity; Shushing the Symphony
JAN 7 - Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting (DAB) Finally Here; Hi-Def Digital Home Software Suite Introduced; 3D Re-introduced


2003 News
DEC 31 - Double-Layer Recordable DVDs; Ultimate Disc Management System; Mini iPod Coming Soon
DEC 24 - RIAA Blocked from Punishing Individual Downloaders; Rupert Murdoch to Acquire DirecTV; Intel to Announce Advanced Chips for HDTV
DEC 17 - Bargain DVD Players; Quotes from the Recent AES Convention
DEC 10 - Consumer Electronics Investment Lookout; iTunes for Classical?; Everything But the Kitchen Sync
NOV 26 - More Cable Carriage of HDTV; Universal Music Sales Down; Mobile Fidelity SACD Plans; RIAA Targets Flea Markets for CD Piracy
NOV 19 - DVD-Audio Seeking CD Compatibility; Caged Silence; European Music Industry Supports CD Copy Protection; Audio Fingerprinting
NOV 12 - CD Pricing Today; Five Technologies to Watch; Teldec Studios Updated; DTS Approved for HD Telecasting
NOV 5 - Sony & Toshiba Struggling; Emmy for Jim Fosgate; New Chief of Library of Congress Sound Division; Computer-less Music Downloading from the Net
OCT 29 - iTunes for Windows Splash; Third Satellite TV Service Coming; Increasing Hi-Res Release Activity; Big-time CD Copy-Protection Next
OCT 22 - "Bit-Grooming" of Cable TV; Fantasy Records Goes SACD; DVD-A Authoring Software for PCs; Allegro Distributors Sued for Copyright Infringement
OCT 15 - More HDTV via Dish; Berlin TV Now Entirely Digital; Web CD Distribution for Independents; SACD Promo for Movie Theaters
OCT 8 - PVRs - Enemy of Advertising?; Artist & Producer SACD Guide Published; Dissenting Views on RIAA Statistics
OCT 1 - DVD & CD or DVD-A Combo Albums; Five Millionth Pioneer DVD Burner; Naxos Releases SACDs in Hong Kong, PBS Series on the Blues; Grammy Awards Back to LA; Two Gallos Too Much
SEPT 24 - Rome Hi-Fi Show; Digital Rights Management a Go-Go; DVD-A Update; Aussie CD Tweak
SEPT 17 - Motorola Advances in Set Top Boxes; Disposable DVDs Now Out; FCC Deregulated Station Ownership Temporarily Stopped; RIAA Spokesman Reveals Confusing Facts
SEPT 10 - Dolby Introduces Pro Logic IIx; Madrigal Brand Name Dropped; Golden Age Stereo on Bargain-Rate Discs?
SEPT 3 - Webcasters Launch Suit Against RIAA; Tough Times for U.S. Orchestras; UK Effort for More Music in Schools; Unexpected Musician Comments
AUG 27 - High-Def Listening Forgotten in High-Def Viewing Rush; Tech Guide to Creation of Music in 5.1 Channels; Heathrow Hi-Fi Show in London Next Month; 115th AES Convention in October
AUG 20 - Petition for Hi-Res Audio for HD-DVD; Deaths of Two Figures in Music and Audio; Subwoofer Setup Tip
AUG 13 - UK Classical Music Sales Slump; Universal Releases First DVD-Audio Titles Next Month; SACD Forum Launched in Europe
AUG 6 - Survey on Satellite Radio; TiVo for Radio; Macros for Home Theater; TAG McLaren Audio Stops New Products
JUL 30 - Digital Satellite Radio Pros & Cons; Chesky Chides Audio Industry for Thwarting Hi-Res Digital Outs; Ray Dolby Receives Award
JUL 23 - Competitor to Apple's iMusic Store Folds; Major Changes in the Way Music Is Sold
JUL 16 - Florida Philharmonic Crisis; Surgical Music; Next Big Classical Artist?; Jerry Springer - the Opera!; Vivaldi Served With Salsa
JUL 9 - Jazz Artists Awards; Downturn of Commercial Classical Stations
JUL 2 - Single-Layer Hybrid DVD-A Disc Dropped; DVD-Audio Marketing Council Formed; Multichannel Audio Confab; New Hi-Res Players
JUN 25 - Your Last Chance to Keep Broadcasting Somewhat Diverse; Self-Destructing DVDs?; Music Downloading Attitudes Polled
JUN 18 - Rap & Rock Rule Music World; California Bill Forcing Record Companies To Be Honest; Historic Surround Reissues from Mobile Fidelity; 24/192K Stereo Reissues from Classic Records; Introducing Drive-In DVD Sound!
JUN 11 - SACD Annoucements at HE2003; DVD-Audio Announcements at HE2003; HE2003 Overview
JUN 4 - Small Classical Labels Fill In for Majors Who Bow Out; Superior AAC Online Audio Offered on AOL
MAY 28 - Apple Becomes World's Biggest Online Music Firm; Major Record Labels Ax Famous Artists
MAY 21 - Home Entertainment 2003 Show Next Month; Sound Preservation Symposium; Gernsback Library Ceases Publication; New Contact Mic/Surround Recording System; Complaints on DVD Navigation
MAY 14 - Apple's iTunes Paid Downloads Are Huge Success; Matrix Sequels to be Released as IMAX; Three DVD-A Labels Announce SACD Releases
MAY 7 - Cracks in Certain SACDs Found Cosmetic Only; Apple Purchase of Vivendi Unlikely; More SACD Bits
APR 23 - Universal Commits to DVD-Audio; Apple Considering Vivendi Universal Purchase?; DVD-Audio in New Acura
APR 16 - SF Home Entertainment Show; DD 5.1 TV Programming Increases; Sony FireWire-Equipped Multichannel Components; DVD-Copying Software Maker in the Courts
APR 9 - The Hi-Res Filter Debate; Classical Listening Decline Due to Home Theater?
APR 1 - Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format; Organist Jimmy Smith Converts to Ambient Sound of Accordions
MAR 26 - Record Label News: Naxos, DGG, Concord, Silverline
MAR 19 - FireWire Converter Connects Home Computers to Home Theater; McIntosh Audio Transferred from Clarion to D&M Holdings; Expansion of DTS Cinema Subtitling System
MAR 12 - Janis Ian Responds to RIAA & NARAS; Dolby Headphone Technology Developments
MAR 5 - Jazz Category Grammy Awards; Australian Counterpart of RIAA Disagrees on CD Sales Slump
FEB 26 - Classical Category Grammy Awards
FEB 19 - RIAA Keeping Busy; Digital Music Downloads in Record Stores; Windows Media 9 New Net AV Compression Technolgy
FEB 12 - Surround To Save The Music Business?; Broadcast Flag FCC Deadline Extended; Cable's Power in Music Biz; Composer Lou Harrison Dies
FEB 5 - New Device Re-Invents the Piano; Another Hi-Fi Show in June; Keith Jarrett Wins Polar Music Prize; Chinese Electronics Giant Enters U.S. Market
JAN 29 - Sony Music SACDs To be Hybrid; Naxos Announces Record Sales in 2002; Hollywood's "Digital Armor;" Long Wait for Films on Net
JAN 22 - Major Labels Forced to Pay Back $67 Million to Some CD Buyers; CEA Responds to Digital Content Agreement; "Put the CD Out of Its Misery;" CRI Records Has Shut Down
JAN 15 - Largest CES Event Ever; Rising Cable TV Charges
JAN 8 - CES Opens This Week; New Chip Brings Surround Sound to Varied Electronic Devices; TV Antenna Users Shrinking


2002 News

DEC 25 - Surround Music Award Winners; Blue Laser Standard Set for Hi-Def DVD Format; Two Products Gone
DEC 18 - Research Shows Music Rewires the Brain; Mahler's Manuscript for First Symphony Discovered; TiVo's Misguided Assumptions of Owners' Viewing Tastes
DEC 11 - Licensing for MPEG-4 Audio Being Finalized; DTS Surround Music Awards; 2003 CES To Be Largest in History
DEC 4 - Major Musicians Being Dropped by Major Labels; FireWire Uber Alles
NOV 20 - Hi-Def DVD Format War; BMG & EMI to Copy-Protect All CDs
NOV 13 - Audio Product Sales Increase for August; DTS Debuts Clarifying Info Grid; Israel Philharmonic Cancels U.S. tour; Death Knell for the Cassette; Audiophile Reads LP Grooves
NOV 6 - DVD-Audio News; Something Else for Major Labels to Worry About; Quick & Dirty Solution to Music Piracy
OCT 30 - The Classical Sexy Approach; Video Proves Effects of Line Conditioner; Classical Music Soothes Dogs
OCT 23 - FTC Fines the Major Record Labels; Airlines Adopt Dolby Headphone Technology; Panasonic Signs Agreement to Make DTV Accessible Via Cable
OCT 16 - Recorded Music Sales Drop; FCC Finally Mandates Digital Radio; Warner Bros. Adding THX to 250 Screens
OCT 9 - Possibility of Legislation to Keep Record Companies Honest; Thomson Wins Two Technical Emmy Awards; Combination DVD-Recorder/Hard Disk Drive Introduced
SEPT 25 - Latest on the "Copyright Crisis;" New Air-To-Web Broadcast Technology; Unexpected Statistic
SEPT 18 - Gains in Audio Sales for June; Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Struggles On; NYC French Music Festival Planned for March; Vanguard's Seymour Solomon, 1922-2002; Klipsch Sponsors Heartland Film Festival
SEPT 11 - Essay for 9/11
SEPT 4 - International CES Returns to Las Vegas for 2003; Audio Obits This Year; Sirius in Serious Trouble?
AUG 28 - First SACDs from Universal in Two Weeks; Net Downloads Not Cause of Lower Music Sales Mandate on Digital TV Tuners
AUG 21 - Listener Magazine Folds; Private Internet Jazz Radio; Over 200 Internet Radio Stations Closing; Christian Music CD Sales Soaring; New Balance of Power Among Classical Labels
AUG 14 - Latest on Fair Use and DRM; DTS Products Hit 100 Million; Royalties on Used CDs Proposed
AUG 7 - The "White Van" Speaker Scam; Label Lowers DVD-A Prices; Second Meridian DVD-A Player with Digital Output
JULY 31 - One-Billionth DVD Shipped in July; Generally Strong Audio Sales Continue; XM Satellite Radio Programming Changes
JULY 23 - Universal Music Dropping Opera on CDs in Favor of DVD-V; New All-In-One Chip for Camcorders; HDTV Struggles Continue
JULY 17 - Copyright Claim on Silence; HDTV Broadcast 'Flag' Controversy
JULY 10 - EMI Tooling Up for SACDs; DVD-Audio Mastering Program for Under $500; MicroSoft's Latest Control Ploy; RIAA May Begin Suing Persons Sharing Copy-Protected Music
JUN 26 - Canada May Increase Taxes on Recordable Media; CD Prices Falling; Gender Choice in Childrens' Musical Instruments; Heavier Audiophile LPs in the Works
JUN 19 - Seven Percent Increase in Audio Sales; Improved WMA Trounces MP3; From Sheet Music to Screen Music; Symphonies Doing Their Own CDs; Crude Copy-Protected CDs Found Unplayable and Worse
JUN 12 - SACD News; The Absolute Sound Enjoys The Music; Audiobook Technology Explored
JUN 5 - Naxos Online Streaming Music Service Launches; NXT Cardboard Speakers; World of Headphones National Tour; FOX Cancels HDTV Superbowl
MAY 29 - SACD Uber Alles; DVD-A Theatrical Demos in Theaters; Copy Protection - Useless with the Hi-Res Formats?
MAY 22 - Librarian of Congress Rejects Webcasting Fees; Possible Change of Attitude Regarding Copy Protection; Hi-Fi Show in London in September
MAY 15 - CES 2003 Dates Set; New DAC Chips Oriented to DVD-Audio; Extra-Secure DVD Package; Showtime Offers 5.1 Dolby Digital on 32 Channels
MAY 8 - Speaker Pioneer Paul Klipsch Dies; Catchy TV Themes on Way Out; Plasma TVs - Hot But Flawed; Telarc & Chesky Reduce SACD Pricing
APR 24 - NPR Reducing Cultural Programming
APR 17 - Yet Another Dolby Decoding System: E; May 1 HDTV Launch Deadline at Hand
APR 10 - DVD Group Nixes Blue Laser for Now; Surround Composer Henry Brant Wins Pulitzer Prize; High End Firms Offer Upgrades to Preamps and Processors
APR 3 - Audio Rumor & Fact on Firewire; Universal Music Delays SACDs; Surround Sound True Story; Adcome Sold
MAR 27 - Marantz Merges With Denon; Panasonic Recorder Uses Memory Cards Directly; Sony Pictures Reorganizes Digital Video Production; Dolby Labs, BMW Demos Auto Surround Sound
MAR 20 - Webcasts Forced to Shut Down; Blank CDs Outsell Recorded CDs; AES Gets Into Subjective Reviewing; AES Conference on Audio Home Delivery; Quebec Audio Show This Weekend
MAR 6 - Home Entertainment 2002 Show Scheduled for May/June; WNYC-FM May Drop Classical Programs; Second Satellite Radio Service Now Beaming; San Francisco Symphony to Issue SACDs
FEB 27 - Schwann Catalog and Major CD Distributor Declare Bankruptcy; Philips Opposes CD Copy- Protection Measures; CD Copying Viewed Inevitable; Silverline to Release 140 DVD-As; Audiophiles Want Their SACD
FEB. 20 - CES 2002 Report 6 - Home AV Network Devices Introduced; SACD & DVD-A Not Yet Affecting Speaker Sales; Single-Speaker Surround?; Digital HDTV VHS Recorders Introduced
FEB. 13 - CES 2002 Report 5 - Threats Loom to Consumer Use of Electronic Devices
FEB. 06 - CES 2002 Report 4 - Digital Radio May Finally Happen in the U.S.
JAN. 30 - CES 2002 Report 3 - Satellite Radio Launches with Major Fanfare
JAN. 23 - CES 2002 Report 2 - How High the Res at CES (report on SACD/DVD-A/Upsampling/xrcd)
JAN. 16 - CES 2002 Report 1 - Video Components: HDTV, DLP, Plasma, Pixel Plus, LCD
JAN. 02 - New Software Allows Convincing Simulated Stereo Mixes From Mono; Dolby Labs Acquires Stake in Australia's Lake Technology; Major Record Labels Plan to Insert Massive Playback Restriction Software in CDs