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AUDIOPHILE AUDITION - web magazine for music, audio & home theater

Our third Hi-Res Drawing has been extended thru August and we have added the brand new Blue Man Group DVD-A launching Sept. 14! 15 lucky AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers will receive their choice from the above DTS DVD-Audio discs: Blue Man Group's The Complex, Medeski Martin and Wood - Uninvisible, Porcupine Tree - In Absentia. Drawings on August 31 from names who have registered at AUDIOPHILE AUDITION by clicking on the pop up banner or Right Here. You'll also then be eligible for all upcoming drawings. Next month is Universal SACDs.

July-August 2004 Contents

Sony SCD-XA9000 Player Tokyo Godfathers anime
Alan Parsons I Robot
Songs of the Avergne
Controversial Editorial - New!

47 Hi-Res disc reviews this issue and 124 disc reviews total!: Part 1 (Jazz); Part 2 (Classical); Part 3 (Classical, Pop, Rock, Misc.); 23 Classical CDs (Part 1, Part 2); 17 DVD Video Reviews (Part 1, Part 2); 17 Jazz CDs (Part 1, Part 2); 13 Reissue CDs (Part 1, Part 2); Special Feature: Vinyl Reviews; 4 Component Reviews: Sony SCD-XA9000ES Disc Player, Mobile Fidelity OML-1 Loudspeaker, Thorough Bass Magellan VI SU Subwoofer, Shure E5c high-end Earbuds; plus our usual Survey of the Audio/HT Press [Updated!] and other features. Help support AUDIOPHILE AUDITION by visiting our sponsors' web sites.

Weekly Audio News: AUG 4; AUG 11; AUG 18; AUG. 25 = Ted Turner Decries FCC Deregulation; Satellite Radio Comes Home; More New SACD Releases

To Our Readers: You are urged to register with our site in order to be eligible for our regular product giveaways such as the 15 DTS DVD-As this issue!

***For rates and information on advertising your AV product or media on these pages Special discount for all record labels.

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