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AUDIOPHILE AUDITION - web magazine for music, audio & home theater

New Forum affiliation for AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers - See Below!

You're looking at the 73rd issue of the web publication for audio, music and home theater, emphasizing the music and video software and surround sound for music. AUDIOPHILE AUDITION was formerly a weekly national radio series for 13+ years on up to 200 public radio and commercial classical stations coast to coast.

This issue we have a total of 144 disc reviews, including 45 hi-res discs and 33 video DVDs, of which half are music videos. Videos by Herbert von Karajan, Rosyln Tureck, Renata Tabaldi, Maria Tallchief, Al De Meola, Jean Luc Ponty and The Rolling Stones are covered. Andy Narell's new SACD with a 30-pan steel drum band is our Multichannel Disc of the Month, and you'll find reviews of four more DualDiscs plus the latest batch of Living Stereo 3-channel SACD reissues.

Components this issue are a reasonably-priced DLP projector from InFocus, a center channel or all-around speaker from Von Schweikert Audio, and Sennheiser's wireless RS 65 headphones. A special feature is an essay titled "The System Is the Hero," and in honor of the recent Oscars ceremony, our other feature this time is Soundtrack CD reviews - in fact 26 of them! Look for more jazz reviews coming up later this month and check back regularly for our Audio News and other new uploads.

If you haven't registered on the home page for our monthly disc drawings, please do so - this month we have three terrific audiophile SACDs from Chesky Records to choose from. We also welcome your feedback about AUDIOPHILE AUDITION.

We are dedicated to your auditional wellbeing!

We are pleased to announce affiliation with an exciting AV online forum for those of you who would like to share with others your views, news, questions and answers about music, audio and home theater. Currently well over 4000 register members participate; it's like having your own AV club online. And it's free!

Steve Hoffman Forum banner

Steve Hoffman himself is one of the best-known recording, mastering and restoration engineers in the music business. He has remastered over 500 audiophile CDs and LPs, including the DCC Compact Classics. There are larger and older online forums, but we like the sensible categories Steve Hoffman has chosen (see sample button labels above) and the forum's guidelines - such as no postings allowed on the "objectivist vs. subjectivist" audiophile debate. The guys who keep an eye on the discussions for busy Steve are referred to as The Gorts, after one of my favorite robots. Click on the logo to go to the home page of the forum, read the Welcome New Members posting, and fill out your profile in the User CP section so everyone can get to know you. And have fun interconnecting!

-- John Sunier

STAFF WRITERS This Issue: Donna Dorsett, Max Dudious, Richard Weiner, Tom Gibbs, Laurence Vittes, Gary Lemco, Brian Bloom, John Henry, Peter Bates, Calvin Harding Jr., Ron Legum, John Sunier.

For a description of John Sunier's audio system used in his reviewing Go Here and scroll down about eight systems' worth.

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If you appreciate the unique audio reviews and information we bring you free of charge, please patronize our sponsors. Simply click to their sites, find their Contact Us link, and leave a short message expressing your thanks for their support of AUDIOPHILE AUDITION.

Love your hi-res reviews. You have the best site on the web for that!!
Bruce Hartley, Lenexa, Kansas

Love your SACD reviews!
Russell Low, San Francisco, California

Seeking Advertising Manager
Now that AUDIOPHILE AUDITION has some great numbers to offer prospective banner advertisers, we are looking for an Advertising Manager! If you combine Net savy with an interest in audio/home theater and are interested in participation, contact us.

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