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Features for NOVEMBER 2001 Issue:
* 89 software reviews! *

(Use our Search Engine to find past reviews - such as the over 80 SACD releases we have covered during the past year!; also see our Archives section!)
tiny CD bullet  Weekly Audio News (See Index for previous weeks): OCT 30;  NOV 7;  NOV 14; NOV. 28 - Affordable Audio Products Sales Up; Sony SACD Home-Theater-in-a-Box Intro; DVD Burners Create More Format Fights
 High-Res Reviews - both DVD-A & SACD, stereo & multichannel!, Parts 1; Part 2 (14 total) - John Sunier
 XRCD Reviews! (9 total) - John Sunier, John Henry

tiny CD  Equipment Reviews = Genelec HT205 Active Home Theater System - John Sunier; R.E. Designs SCPA-1 Six-Channel Preamplifier - John Sunier; Rogue Tempest Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp
  Classical CD Reviews: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (17 total) - Bob Moon, John Sunier, Alex Morin
  Film Soundtracks (9) - John Sunier, John Henry
 DVD-Video Reviews Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - (15 total) Dalia Geffen, Peter Bates, Brian Bloom, John Sunier
  Jazz Reviews, Pt. 1 & Jazz Reviews, Pt. 2 (18 total) - John Henry, Stuart Kremsky
 Reissue Classical CDs (7) - Gary Lemco, Alex Morin
tiny CD bullet  Survey of the Audio and Home Theater Print Press
  Best Classical and Jazz CDs of 2000 List
  Audio Interviews (in MP3) with leaders in audio, music and home theater:  David Kawakami (Sony SACD); Kevin Halverson (Muse Electronics); Siegfried Linkwitz (Audio Artistry); Michael Bishop (Telarc); Robert von Bahr (BIS Records) - c. 7 min. each  [more interviews soon...]

Welcome to the 37th month of the web zine for audio, music and home theater - transitioned from the former national radio program AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, heard for over 13 years on stations coast to coast. We continue with 14 SACD & DVD-Audio format reviews plus 9 xrcd2 reviews and our occasional Film Soundtracks section. Components covered are the entry-level Genelec powered two-way home theater speakers and a very precise analog six-channel preamp. Our in-depth coverage of all types of optical discs this month adds up to 89 software reviews. The Survey of the Print Audio and HT Press and our Audio Interviews in MP3 continue (see just above).

If music and movies are the reasons we're nuts about this stuff, why does our software get minimum space in most print and online publications? Our purpose is to communicate the passion and excitement of high quality music and films - the real reason you purchased or will purchase your high end audio and home theater components, right?

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Reviewers This Month: Alex Morin, Dalia Geffen, Brian Bloom, Dr. Gary Lemco, John Henry, Bob Moon, Peter Bates, John Sunier
John Sunier, Editor/Publisher 800-934-0442 © John Sunier 2001
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