mike graphicWelcome to our interviews with leading figures in the world of audio, home theater and music. This continues the weekly interviews conducted by John Sunier that were featured on the national radio program version of AUDIOPHILE AUDITION. New interviews are added on a regular basis. Coming up will be interviews with Klaus Heymann, CEO of the world's busiest classical label, Naxos, and pioneer jazz recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder.

1) David Kawakami, Sony's SACD man; 2) Kevin Halverson of Muse Electronics on SSfM; 3) Speaker Designer Siegfried Linkwitz; 4) Michael Bishop, Telarc Records ProducerSACD logo

John's first guest is David Kawakami, U.S. Director of Sony's Super Audio Project. Interviewed at the AES Convention in LA in September, David discusses the many SACD releases now available and the variety of new players from Sony and Philips/Marantz.
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The next guest interviewed - also at the AES Convention in LA - is Muse Electronics' Kevin Halverson. Speaking in the Chesky demo room for six-channel music surround, Kevin discusses Chesky's unique re-distribution of the six channels for SSfM on both DVD-Audio and SACD, including elimination of the LFE channel and the use of overhead periphonic speaker feeds.

 CLICK HERE for Kevin Halverson Interview in MP3 on SSfM - 3.4 MB, 7:30

Our next audio interview is with noted speaker designer and co-inventor of the Linkwitz-Riley Crossover, Siegfried LinkwitzLinkwitz. His work in the field of electroacoustic and loudspeaker design over the past quarter century has been motivated by his love for music and his interest in realistically reproducing it in a home environment. He is responsible for the open-baffle-design speakers made by Audio Artistry, and today continues his investigation of loudspeaker-room-listener interactions. Visit Linkwitz Lab here.

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BishopOur fourth interview in MP3 is with Telarc Records' recording engineer Michael Bishop. He shares with Jack Renner the majority of the recordings produced by this long-time audiophile label, including many of the U.S.-originated classical sessions and much of the jazz and blues releases. Michael feels that multi- channel technologies bring artistic realism to a new level because they grow out of the idea that sound imaging is subjective and illusory - though the illusion embodies what is generally perceived as an accurate portrayal of reality. He attributes his start in surround sound to hearing recordings made by an associate in the early days of 3-track Ampexes using the center track for a rear surround channel. Also discussed is his use of the Neumann KU-100 binaural dummy head to record channels 4 & 5 for his 5.1 discrete surround projects.

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Peter SeegerPete Seeger = One of the most beloved folk music performers in the world. Traveled with Woody Guthrie in the 40's, performing at union meetings and strikes; co-founded the legendary folk group The Weavers; a popular target during the McCarthy Era due to his social conscience. 18 min. RealAudio interview with Frank Beacham.

Les Paul = The legend of the electric guitar plays on and talks on. The Les Paulaudio inventor created sound-on-sound, overdubbing, electronic reverb and multitrack recording. He made the first 8-track recorder in the late 40's by synchronizing eight open reel Ampexes. RealAudio interview with Frank Beacham (portions are also text).

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